enjoy a warm winter

It got cold overnight, and they turned up overnight, too. Here, "they" means a kind of boots, the uggs boots. Things happened like this. The first snow in this year came unexpectedly. I haven't prepared my winter clothes yet. When I went to class, I found most of my classmates wore the same kind of boots. I asked them about the boots. I could hardly understand why these boots attract so much attention as in my eyes they were clumsy, heavy and easy to get stained. However, after asking my friends, who have been the advocates of uggs, I changed my mind.

A friend introduced them to me in a professional way. The surface of the uggs boots seemed nothing special to me in the past. I can't believe that they were made of so valuable material. All the uggs classic boots are made from the world finest genuine twin-faced sheepskin. This material is more than luxury that it has ability to provide cozy comfort in winter as they choose a kind of sheepskin that is extremely dense. Knowing the truth about the surface of the boots, I threw all my prejudice away. One of them searched on Internet and showed me some pictures of the boots. I fell in love with the uggs classic products at the first sight this time, though it is still not so smart.

"Your feet are always freezing in winter, aren't you?" Another friend went on. "I have tried last winter. The uggs does keep my feet warm. I can feel the fur inside. What's more, however hot your feet are, and how much sweat they get, the inside of your shoes won't be wet and cold down to freeze your feet. The fur can enforce the sweat out of the shoes quickly. The soles of boots are made of foam, which means the boots are not as heavy as they look like."

Now I know why uggs boots are so attractive. I think it is the luxury of its material and its comfort that make it sell well. Even those Hollywood stars choose the uggs. For us, we can enjoy lightweight, long lasting wear, too. I think I should buy myself a pair of uggs boots and enjoy a warm winter.
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Retro Ice Bag

Gal Pal is starting off their 2011 with a bang and have announced two of their newest patterns of ice bags to be added to their already expansive line. The two new styles of patterns are the "Red Cross Retro Ice Bag" which is available now and the Monkeys Retro Ice Bag which will be available the first week of February 2011. Gal Pal Inc., is the only company that has such an array of styles to choose from and people find that there is a pattern for everyone.

Gal Pal is the industry leader in the fashion forward line of the Retro Ice Bags and Gal Pal Retro Ice Bag customers should not be fooled by impostor's or copy cats. "The Gal Pal is loved by mom's, kids, dad's, hip fashionista's and now we can add animals to our list! Yes, we have learned that veterinarian hospitals are using our ice bags on pets who have head trauma! How about that Paris Hilton - now your pooch too can use an ice bag if your dog has a boo boo on its head! We just thought that was one of the sweetest things we have heard." said co-founder Shannon Larkin. "A veterinarian called in asking to buy some for the head trauma patients that they get, and it literally just warmed my heart. Not only do they mend tiny boo boo's to great big boo boo's on people, but now they are mending heads of pets!" commented co-founder Courtney Graham. "just gave us a warm fuzzy feeling inside." she continued. "There are so many styles to choose from, you won't be able to pick just one." summed up Larkin.


ENVI Shoes

ENVI Shoes carries a wide variety of casual comfort shoes made of high quality materials. We pride ourselves in providing our customer with the footwear brands that are innovating and improving their technology in order to give our customers the top styles with added comfort and quality. ENVI Shoes strives to compile a list of brands that easily fit into these categories and allow our customers to choose from a vast selection without compromising their wallet or high standards. Our leading brand in quality and comfort is FRYE Shoes- who has created unparalleled craftsmanship in their footwear since the 1860s- and close followers, also carried by ENVI Shoes, Hush Puppies and OTBT.

FRYE Shoes are created from the finest full-grain leather uppers with genuine leather insoles and premium rubber soles. This, in addition to painstaking attention to detail, has allowed FRYE Shoes to stay in business for over 140 years. Details such as distressed leathers, studs and high quality buckles add to the value and quality. Frye Shoes can be found on anyone from business people and celebrities in bustling cities, to rural residents on the outskirts of town. FRYE Shoes takes pride in its timeless styling, adding to the quality, and if properly cared for your FRYE Shoes will last forever.

Hush Puppies are another brand dedicated to casual comfort and available at ENVI Shoes. The brand has been around long enough to create a niche within the footwear industry. Hush Puppies utilizes supple suede and lightweight crepe soles to produce a soft and breathable, super comfortable shoe. Hush Puppies takes pride in its relaxed and casual styling while updating each season to stay relevant in the modern day- Hush Puppies began in 1958! ENVI Shoes considers Hush Puppies to be a type of casual and comfortable shoe brand available for our customers with a relaxed lifestyle, who have limited brand choices.

OTBT, or “off the beaten track”, is ENVI Shoes rugged line for outdoor leisure, that remains to be on the cutting edge of quality and comfort. We love the look of these super causal styles in the perfect travel shoes. Durable and tough, OTBT shoes will take you, literally, anywhere you want to go. OTBT Shoes offers high quality styles in a variety of silhouettes including wedge heels, cargo boots, flip-flops and flats. This global brand, inspired by music, culture and lifestyle with utilitarian functionality is sure to be a staple for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Although OTBT is a baby in the shoe industry- it was launched in 2008- they have found their place with high quality footwear for the casual consumer.

ENVI Shoes takes great care in providing the utmost quality in all of the products like Jeffrey Campbell Shoes and Sam Edelman Shoes. Our online store is carefully edited to bring to our customers the leaders in the shoe industry. FRYE Shoes, Hush Puppies and OTBT are some of our casual brands that create footwear with unrivaled quality and comfort. Check out our select styles at