enjoy a warm winter

It got cold overnight, and they turned up overnight, too. Here, "they" means a kind of boots, the uggs boots. Things happened like this. The first snow in this year came unexpectedly. I haven't prepared my winter clothes yet. When I went to class, I found most of my classmates wore the same kind of boots. I asked them about the boots. I could hardly understand why these boots attract so much attention as in my eyes they were clumsy, heavy and easy to get stained. However, after asking my friends, who have been the advocates of uggs, I changed my mind.

A friend introduced them to me in a professional way. The surface of the uggs boots seemed nothing special to me in the past. I can't believe that they were made of so valuable material. All the uggs classic boots are made from the world finest genuine twin-faced sheepskin. This material is more than luxury that it has ability to provide cozy comfort in winter as they choose a kind of sheepskin that is extremely dense. Knowing the truth about the surface of the boots, I threw all my prejudice away. One of them searched on Internet and showed me some pictures of the boots. I fell in love with the uggs classic products at the first sight this time, though it is still not so smart.

"Your feet are always freezing in winter, aren't you?" Another friend went on. "I have tried last winter. The uggs does keep my feet warm. I can feel the fur inside. What's more, however hot your feet are, and how much sweat they get, the inside of your shoes won't be wet and cold down to freeze your feet. The fur can enforce the sweat out of the shoes quickly. The soles of boots are made of foam, which means the boots are not as heavy as they look like."

Now I know why uggs boots are so attractive. I think it is the luxury of its material and its comfort that make it sell well. Even those Hollywood stars choose the uggs. For us, we can enjoy lightweight, long lasting wear, too. I think I should buy myself a pair of uggs boots and enjoy a warm winter.
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